ESERCIZIO NUM: 330 - CATEGORIA: verbi > present-continuous present-simple futuro - DIFFICOLTA': ***
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Leggi le frasi e decidi se i verbi in stampatello si riferiscono a un presente o a un momento futuro.

1 Please don’t talk, I’M WATCHING TV. -- 2 I don’t think she’S GOING out tonight. -- 3 If you go that way for 300 meters you WILL FIND the pub. -- 4 DO YOU LIKE this kind of meat? -- 5 Can I borrow your book or Are you USING IT? -- 6 John IS LIVING in the morning. -- 7 Don’t leave home until I GET back. -- 8 I’M TRYING hard to say her that I’m sorry. -- 9 I have just finished my job for today, so I’M GOING home. -- 10 Sarah LOOKS as beautiful as she has ever been.