ESERCIZIO NUM: 301 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': ***

SOGGETTO o PRONOME personale complemento? scegli l'alternativa corretta.

1 Mick and me/I are going out. -- 2 would you like to come with we/us? -- 3 Mark and Jason have been in London for a year, didn’t them/they? -- 4 Who said that? I/me said so. -- 5 They have just brought a present for Ritchie and me/I. -- 6 Who would like to eat an ice-cream? He/him does. -- 7 I think they/them don’t like we/us. -- 8 Unfortunately I don’t remember she/her moving her first steps. -- 9 I told him/he so, but he never listen to I/me. -- 10 He courageously took her/she away from the fire.