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One day I was BORED/BORING/BORE, so I decided to do a geography quiz online. I like them. I think geography is the BETTER/GOOD/BEST and more INTERESTING/MOST INTERESTING/MOST INTERESTED school subject. The first questions were easy questions: What's the longest river IN/OF/TO the world? Which is the world's LARGER/MORE LARGER/LARGEST continent? But then there were those MORE DIFFICULT/THE MORE DIFFICULT ONES/THE MORE DIFFICULT. Which is the MOST/MORE/HIGHER densely populated country in the world? The answer is Monaco, which also has one of the MORE FAMOUS/FAMOUS/MOST FAMOUS racing car circuits in the world. Then there was a question about the city with the highest population. I was sure it was Beijng, but the answer is Shanghai, which has more than 24 THOUSAND PEOPLE/MILLION PEOPLE/MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Anyway, I scored 19 out of 25. My sister says that doing quizzes is not the MOST EXCITING/MOST EXCITED/MORE EXCITING activity in the world. But I enjoyed it!