ESERCIZIO NUM: 2924 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-indefiniti - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Scegli il PRONOME INDEFINITO corretto fra i due proposti (01).

1 I've seen that girl SOMEWHERE/ANYWHERE before. 2 NO ONE/ANYONE in my family likes junk food. 3 EVERYONE/ANYONE should do regular exercise. 4 Do you know NOBODY/ANYBODY who can help me? 5 My grandparents don't know SOMETHING/ANYTHING about social media. 6 Have you invited EVERYBODY/EVERYWHERE to your birthday party? 7 There isn't ANYWHERE/SOMEWHERE to sit. 8 Did you get EVERYTHING/NOTHING on the shopping list? 9 NOBODY/ANYBODY passed the test. 10 EVERYONE/SOMEONE has taken my coat.