ESERCIZIO NUM: 287 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > this-that aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Cambia le parole in stampatello con l'AGGETTIVO DIMOSTRATIVO adatto(01).

1 MY dog is next to me. -- 2 When I look at THE pictures I am very happy -- 3 The picture on THE wall in front of me, I always have memories. -- 4 THE two dogs here are very big. -- 5 You should be in THE house at the end of the street. -- 6 THE people protesting out there are always right. -- 7 THE penny I hold in my hand dates back to the 1890. -- 8 Whose is THE car parked outside? -- 9 Your rooms are THE last three at the end of the corridor: -- 10 your parent’s room is THE one on the right.