ESERCIZIO NUM: 2845 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > comparativi superlativi aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa le frasi con il SUPERLATIVO o il COMPARATIVO degli aggettivi tra parentesi.

1 Marika is (nice) person I know. 2 Is Oily (old) than his sister? 3 What is (hot) month of the year in Italy? 4 My sister thinks she's (good) at swimming than me, but I don't agree! 5 Star Wars is probably (bad) film in the world! 6 Wei says Chinese is the(difficult) language in the world. 7 The Atacama Desert is (dry) than the Sahara Desert. 8 A Lamborghini is (fast) as a Ferrari. 9 Dogs are not (intelligent) as cats. 10 You can get to the airport (quickly) by train. 11 Marlene White won the gold medal because she ran the (fast). 12 My results are better this term because I'm working(hard). 13 The Shanghai Tower was (tall) skyscraper in the world, but now the Burj Khalifa is the(tall). 14 (small) house in Italy is in Rome: it is just 10 square metres!