ESERCIZIO NUM: 2756 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > comparativi aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Completa le frasi usando i seguenti COMPARATIVI dati: happier • taller • more convenient • bigger • more expensive • colder • wetter quicker • better more complicated.

1 The train is ....than the bus but the bus is slower because there is a lot of traffic. 2 Jack is 1.80 m tall but his sister Suzie..... She's 1.83 m. 3 Chinese is .... to learn than English. 4 The north of England is ....than the south. It rains all the time. 5 I like travelling by car, it's ....than the bus. 6 I'm .... than my friend Dave on my bike and I always win when we race. 7 People are usually .... on holiday because they are more relaxed. 8 It is ride your bike at the park. There is a lot of traffic and the roads are very dangerous. 9 Lorries are .... than vans and they transport goods all over Europe. 10 It is .... in the mountains than by the sea.