ESERCIZIO NUM: 2744 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-indefiniti many-much - DIFFICOLTA': ***

MUCH, MANY oppure A LOT OF? scegli quello giusto per il seguente brano.

It's dad's birthday on Saturday and there's a special birthday dinner at my house. I've got a recipe for apple pie. It's dad's favourite dessert. So, what are the ingredients? Butter, flour, water for the pastry, sugar and, of course, apples. HOW MUCH/HOW MANY butter? 225g. Then 100g of sugar, 450g of flour and A/SOME water. And HOW MANY/HOW MUCH apples? Eight. We've got A LOT OF/A LOT apples in the house, but we haven't got MANY/MUCH flour and there isn't ANY/MANY sugar. No problem: the supermarket is very near my house. HOW MUCH/HOW MANY are the ingredients? They're about FOUR POUNDS FIFTY/FOUR AND FIFTY pounds. HOW MANY/HOW MUCH people are there for the dinner? NOT MUCH/MANY people - just mum, dad and me.