ESERCIZIO NUM: 2642 - CATEGORIA: ascolto > ascolto - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Ascolta il seguente brano (five different people talking about their jobs) e scegli la risposta corretta alle seguenti domande:

1.Does speaker A enjoy his job? Yes.Sometimes.No. / 2.When does speaker A work? When he is at university.Weekends.Summer holidays. / 3.When does speaker B work? Weekdays.Weekends and holidays.Summer holidays. / 4.What does speaker B say tourists love doing? Visiting universities.Taking a boat trip.Swimming in the river. / 5.Does speaker C like his job? Yes.Sometimes.No. / 6.What does speaker D say is difficult about being a pilot? Travelling to many countries.Learning many languages.Flying planes in bad weather. / 7.What does speaker D say is the best thing about his job? Visiting different places.Meeting different people.The different weather. / 8.What does speaker E not like about her job? The doctors.The sick people.The uniform