ESERCIZIO NUM: 2618 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi question-form - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Completa le seguenti frasi utilizzando WHEN HOW WHO WHAT WHY in base al senso della frase, esempio: I saw someone.Who did you see?

1.They wanted to see Fiona....did they want to see? / 2.I got up at 7 o'clock....time did you get up? / 3.She paid $10....much did she pay? / 4.He didn't like the movie....didn't he like the movie? / 5.We had dinner....did you have for dinner? / 6.The meeting finished late....time did the meeting finish? / 7.I ate an apple pie?...kind of pie did you eat? / 8.I played tennis last week....did you play tennis? / 9.They wrote to Ellen....did they write to? / 10.I didn't eat the chicken....didn't you eat the chicken?