ESERCIZIO NUM: 2573 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': **

Scegli il pronome personale corretto per completare le seguenti frasi(07):

1.Sue always eats icecream after lunch. ...always eats icecream after lunch. / 2.The boy goes to school every day. ...goes to school every day. / 3.My brother and I live in London. in London. / 4.The dog barks early every morning. ...barks early every morning. / 5.Ann and John have a shower at night. ...have a shower at night. / 6.Mrs Smith cooks for her children every night. ...cooks for her children every night. / 7.Don and Helen teach English. ...teach English. / 8.The table is in the corner. in the corner. / 9.Mr Brown is American. American. / 10.Henry and I play tennis. tennis.