ESERCIZIO NUM: 2572 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': **

Scegli il pronome personale corretto per completare le seguenti frasi(06):

1.I see (they, them) every day . - 2.He sits near (I, me) in class. - 3.She goes with (we, us) to the movies a lot. - 4.I like (she, her) very much. - 5.I know (he, him) and his brother. - 6.I often go with (they, them) to the city. - 7.He often helps (I, me) with my lessons. - 8.She writes many letters to (he, him). - 9.Mr Adams teaches (we, us) English. - 10.He gives many presents to (she, her).