ESERCIZIO NUM: 2530 - CATEGORIA: verbi > futuro negative-form - DIFFICOLTA': ***
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Completa le frasi coniugando il verbo che trovi tra parentesi al FUTURO nella forma NEGATIVA:

Tim... the teacher. (not/to tell) / I hope I... the train to Manchester. (not/to miss) / She... her hair green. (not/to dye) / He... breakfast tomorrow morning. (not/to prepare) / The manager... trees in front of the office building. (not/to plant) / Melissa... jeans at her party. (not/to wear) / My friends... in a city. (not/to live) / We... about the bad weather. (not/to worry) / I... in this lake. (not/to swim) / You... the vase on the shelf without a ladder. (not/to reach)