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Ascolta la lettura del seguente brano e completa le parti mancanti:

MY HUSBAND: My husband, Jeff, is a lovely man and I'm proud ...(1) him. He is kind ...(2) everyone even if he doesn't think much ...(3) them. We often do the shopping together and he helps me a lot. He's good ...(4) finding specials at the supermarket. Jeff does this even though he isn't fond ...(5) shopping. I'm grateful ...(6) his help. Jeff is also keen ...(7) cooking and, as I don't like cooking, he is happy to do it for me. I do the washing up and other housework such as dusting and vacuuming. Jeff is careful ...(8) money. He doesn't gamble or buy unnecessary things. We are rarely annoyed or angry ...(9) each other. We have a good marriage.