ESERCIZIO NUM: 25 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi when-while - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa le frasi utilizzando i seguenti avverbi(01): where, why, or when.

1. Do you know ___ the pencils are in the classroom? 2. _______ are we learning chemistry in the fourth grade? 3. She will go to the store _____ she is on her way to work. 4. I asked my dad ______ we are going to visit grandma. 5. This is the place ______ we first met. 6. _______ did you live when you were five years old? 7. I never knew _______ he was so mad at me. 8. _______ does the next train leave the station? 9. I used to play soccer _______ I was little. 10. My mom works in an office _______ Jaden’s mom also works. 11. _______ didn’t you wear a coat today in the snow? 12. I wonder ______ I left my coffee mug.