ESERCIZIO NUM: 229 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-misti - DIFFICOLTA': ****

In ogni frase c'è un PRONOME ma è sbagliato! trovalo sostituiscilo con quello corretto (02):

1. If we eat too much, we will ruin their dinner. / 2. Suzy is spending a lot of time on its homework. / 3. Mr. Jones called and she asked me if I could stop by the church. / 4. The dog ran into the wall and hurt their nose. / 5. It is a lovely day to visit my sister at his house. / 6. When students arrive at school, they put your backpacks away. / 7. My parents love to tell stories about his youth. / 8. My brother wants to know if I can go with her. / 9. This song makes Ryan want to do their famous dance moves. / 10. If the boy shows up, he will probably bring their friends