ESERCIZIO NUM: 2261 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-possessivi pronomi-misti pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': **

Completa il brano scegliendo per ogni parentesi il pronome personale o il pronome possessivo.

I am Robert and (I/ME/MY) live in Bristol. This is Jack. (HE/HIM/HIS) is (I/ME/MY) friend. (HE/HIM/HIS) lives in Bristol too. Sarah likes (HE/HIM/HIS). (SHE/HER) likes (HE/HIM/HIS) blue eyes very much. Sarah lives with (SHE/HER) older sister in a flat in Bristol. Bristol is (WE/US/OUR) hometown. (IT/ITS) is an old city with lots of sights.