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MY GREEN FAMILY! My name is Stefano, I live with my dad, my mum, my sister Rebecca, our dog Kiro and our hamsters Tilly and Hook. We are a green family. What does this mean (significare) ? Easy, that we love nature and animals. There are a lot of things that you can do to help our planet. For example, every morning I turn off the tap (rubinetto) when I brush my teeth to save water. We don't have a car, I always go to school by bike with my sister. My mum and dad walk to work. My dad is an optician and my mum is a teacher. Every year we organize a Green Day in our neighbourhood (quartiere),we wear something green and with our friends we pick up litter from the streets and the public playground. We plant new trees and flowers in the park. Every Saturday we buy fruit and vegetables from the local market. We don't like junk food and we never go to fast food restaurants. I seldom drink soft drinks. I love fruit juice! “Becca” is very creative and she recycles a lot of materials: plastic bottles, boxes, milk cartons. She usually creates toys for me and our pets.

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Stefano has... one pet / no pets / three pets / two pets -- What's a green family? A poor family / A family that loves nature and animals / A family that wear only green clothes / A vegetarian family -- To save water Stefano... drinks only fruit juice / doesn't have a shower / turns off the tap when he brushes his teeth / doesn't brush his teeth -- How does Stefano go to school? By car / By bus / By bike / By train -- During the Green Day, Stefano wears... A tracksuit / An elf costume / The school uniform / Something green -- During the Green Day people,... clean the school / pick up litter / paint something green / eat only vegetables -- On Saturdays Stefano's family go to... The local market / The supermarket / The park / A fast food restaurant -- Stefano likes... soft drink / milk / fruit juice / hot tea -- Becca is a... nickname / surname / full name / first name -- Rebecca usually recycles materials to create... gifts for her parents / earrings and bracelets / toys for her brother and pets / beautiful pencil-cases