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Dear Paul, How are you ? I hope you are good after your summer holiday in Ireland. Now that I'm living in London I'm very excited because it is a big city and there are a lot of things to do in your free time. You can visit the city if you take a "double decker", a traditional red bus or if you take a "cab",a traditional black taxi. In the city center there is a lot of traffic and you must be careful (fare attenzione) when you cross the road because they drive on the left. During the weekends you can have fun going to museums and you don't have to pay for the ticket. My favourite museum is the Natural History Museum because there are many dinosaur skeletons and stuffed (imbalsamato) birds. If you like to see the city from the top you can have a ride on the famous " London eye ", a tall observation wheel (ruota panoramica) . It's amazing having your head in the clouds ! This afternoon I'm going with my cousin Susy to King's Cross Station to see Harry Potter's cart (binario) at the platform 9 ¾ . Near the platform there is a magic shop where you can buy magic sticks (bacchetta)and old books. Harry Potter's movies are the best ! Do you like Harry Potter too? Now write me something about you and your new life in Sidney. Take care. Your friend Micheal

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Where does Micheal live? Ireland / Sidney / London / In a small town -- A double decker is... a traditional orange bus / a traditional red bus / a small bus / a traditional red taxi -- What color are taxis in London? yellow / white / red / black -- In the city center you must be careful because: They drive on the left / There is a lot of traffic / There are taxis / They drive fast -- Museum in London are... Expensive / Free / Crowded / Closed on Mondays -- What is Micheal's favourite museum? Harry Potter Museum / Natural History Museum / Victoria and Albert Museum / Science Museum -- The "London eye" An optician / The city center / is An observation wheel / A skyscraper -- Susy is... Paul's cousin / A magician / Micheal's cousin / A shop keeper -- Where is the magic shop? On the platform / Between the platforms / Near the platform / Opposite to the platform -- Micheal likes: Harry Potter's movies / Harry Potter's books / Harry Potter's magic stick / Harry Potter's friends