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A SUMMER'S TALE. Hello. I'm Luca. I'm eleven years old. I live in Milan but every summer I go to Sicily. My grandparents live in Mondello. I love the sea and I do a lot of water sports. Every morning I get up at 8.30 a.m. and I ride my bike to the bakery. There is a wonderful bakery in the centre of the town and I usually buy a slice (fetta) of pizza for 1,99 € At 9.30 a.m. I meet my friend Tommaso and we go to the beach together. We usually play beach volleyball with our friends and then we have a break. Tommaso's uncle has got a coffee bar on the beach and it sells ice cream, lollypops, candies and popsicles. After the break we go swimming and we have a lot of fun. The water is hot and clear ! At 12.30 we have a picnic on the beach and we share (condividere) our food. In the afternoon I read a book or I play with my sticker collection. Tommaso looks for (cercare) shells for his shell collection. Every Friday I have a windsurfing lesson. I love my summer Holidays !

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Rispondi alle seguenti domande scegliendo una delle risposte elencate: Where does Luca live? In Mondello / In Milan / In Sicily / In a small city -- How old is Luca? He has eleven years old / She is eleven year olds / He is eleven years old / He is ten years old -- What time does he get up? At half past eight / At eight past half / At eight half past / At eight o'clock -- Where does he usually go by bike? To the sweet shop / To the butcher's / To the baker's / To the coffee bar / -- At slice of pizza costs: one euro and ninety / one pound and ninety-nine / one euro and ninety-nine / one euros and ninety-nine -- He usually plays beach volley with: Tommaso / His friends / His classmates / His grandparents -- Tommaso's uncle sells: Pizza / Fruit / Volley balls / Sweets -- The sea water is: cold and clear / hot and clear / salty / hot and dirty -- In the afternoon Luca: plays with his shell collection / has a wind surfing lesson / plays with his sticker collection / does his homework -- Luca loves: His summer His grandparents / Riding his bike / holidays / Play beach volley