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HI, I AM A ZOE! My name is Zoe, I am a ten year old American girl and I live in San Francisco. San Francisco is a very big city with a lot of yellow taxis, colourful trams and very tall skyscrapers. In San Francisco there are many places to visit: the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Park. My favourite place is Golden Gate Park where I go skateboarding with my classmates, especially on Saturdays. I usually watch TV cooking shows because I like sweets very much and when I grow up (crescere) I want to be a famous chef. I love spending my freetime with my best friend Scarlett. She's from South Africa and she's two years older than me. We are fans of The San Francisco Giants and we often go to watch baseball matches (partita) at the AT&T park.

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Rispondi alle seguenti domande scegliendo una delle risposte elencate: Where does Zoe live? In a town / In a very big city / In a Park / In South Africa -- How old is Zoe? She has ten years old / She is ten years old / She is ten year olds / He is ten years old -- What's her favourite place? San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge / Golden Gate Park / AT&T park -- When does she go to the park? On Saturdays / In the weekend / On Sunday / In September -- At the park she usually: Goes roller-skating / Goes skateboarding / Plays baseball / Eats sweets -- She goes to the park with... Her friends / Her granny / Her classmates / Scarlett -- Her favourite food is... Marshmallows / Sweets / Sheets / Cookies -- What does she want to be when she grows up? A baseball player / A famous chef / A TV cooking show / A sweet -- How old is Scarlett? She's ten years old / She's twenty years old / She's twelve years old / She's thirteen years old -- What do they do at the AT&T park? They watch cooking shows / They go skateboarding / They play baseball / They watch baseball matches