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Read the text about some students:CRAIG loves to play football, basketball and baseball with kids in his neighborhood. But his favourite activity is going on the internet during computer classes. ALLISON\'s favorite subject is math. She likes to do division and multiplication problems for fun. For fun, JAHA plays musical instruments. He loves to play African music on his drums. He\'s played drums for over two years now. He also plays the violin. TEIRON has fun in his neighborhood, Harlem, where he plays basketball with his friends. Teiron wants to become a teacher and a basketball player when he grows up. MICHEDA loves to swim and play basketball. In the summer, she likes to go on vacations with her family. RAKEISHA loves her neighborhood because there\'s a playground where she and her brother can play. She likes to play basketball and go on holiday parties at the Milbank Center. GAISHAMAR likes to play tag and hide-and-seek with her friends. She also likes to read.

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Indica qual è lo studente (scegliendolo fra CRAIG, ALLISON, JAHA, TEIRON, MICHEDA, GAISHAMAR e RAKEISHA) con le seguenti caratteristiche: - likes to play football, basketball and baseball. - loves to go to parties when school is out. - likes to go on holiday with Mum and Dad. - loves to play children games. - is very good at music. - loves to play with numbers.