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FUN FACTS FOR KIDS ABOUT HIPPOS: Where are hippos born? A hippo baby (called a "calf") is born on land or in water. It is protected by the mother, not only from crocodiles and lions but from hippo bulls that may try to attack them in the water. What do hippos love? Hippos love water and they spend most of the day in it to stay cool. The hippo can even breathe, see, and hear while its body is under water because its nose, ears, and eyes are on the top of its head. Do hippos swim better than people? Yes, they are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for five minutes. Hippos can walk under water along the bottoms of rivers and lakes. Hungry hippos: Hippos are vegetarians. At night, they come out of the water and feed off the grass. Are hippos dangerous? Although hippos are vegetarians, they are still one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Once on land, hippos can run very fast, much faster than people normally can. When a hippo yawns it is not tired but shows its teeth to frighten other animals.

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A calf is... never born on land OR always born in water OR always born on land OR born on land or in water // The mother protects the calf...only from crocodiles OR from hippo bulls OR from other hippo mothers OR only from lions // Hippos stay in the water...when they are hungry OR to keep themselves warm OR to keep themselves cool OR when they are tired // A hippo can see and hear when its body is under water because its...nose and ears are under water OR nose is on the top of its head OR eyes and ears are on the top of its head OR eyes and ears are under water // Under water a hippo can...hold its breath for 10 minutes OR move along the bottom OR run very fast OR hear better than on land // When a hippo opens its mouth it...wants to scare other animals OR is bored of eating grass OR wants to be really friendly OR is tired of swimming