ESERCIZIO NUM: 2227 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': *****

Indica la frase con lo STESSO SIGNIFICATO fra le tre proposte(02):

11 Could you tell me ____ A=where are the toilets? B=where the toilets are? / 12 I don't really know ____ A=how far Birmingham is from here. B=how far is Birmingham from here. / 13 Do you know ____ A=how can I go to London from here? B=how to get to London from here? / 14 Would you know ____ A=whether the flight is on time? B=whether is the flight on time? / 15 Do you know ____ A=is Ralph still here? B=if Ralph is still here? / 16 I don't know ____ A=if this is too big. B=is this too big. / 17 May I ask ____ A=whether do you sell ski boots? B=whether you sell ski boots? / 18 Would you be able to tell me ____ A=if a man named Paul lives here? B=does a man named Paul live here? / 19 Do you know ____ A=if there any restaurants still open? B=if any restaurants are still open? / 20 Could I ask ____ A=whether you have these boots in a smaller size? B=whether do you have these boots in a smaller size?