ESERCIZIO NUM: 2226 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': *****

Indica la frase con lo STESSO SIGNIFICATO fra le tre proposte(01):

1 Could you tell me ____ A=what time it is? B=what time is it? C=what the time? / 2 Do you know ____ A=where Ben? B=where Ben is? C=where is Ben? / 3 Do you know ____ A=who the person in charge is? B=who is the person in charge? C=who the person in charge? / 4 Can you tell me ____ A=where she went? B=where did she go? C=where she go / 5 May I ask ____ A=what do you mean? B=what are you mean C=what you mean? / 6 Would you know ____ A=what this is? B=what is this? / 7 I wonder ____ A=how Beth got here. B=how did Beth get here. / 8 I need to know ____ A=whose book is this. B=whose book this is. / 9 Do you understand ____ A=what he is saying? B=what is he saying? / 10 Can you tell me ____ A=what size are these boots? B=what size these boots are?