ESERCIZIO NUM: 2203 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

ESPRESSIONI di TEMPO al FUTURO scegli quella corretta per completare le seguenti frasi:

1 I will be going to London __ three days. A=at B=after C=in / 2 The package is expected to arrive ___ three weeks. A=in B=after C=later / 3 It should be repaired __ three months. A=within B=with C=by / 4 The results will be announced __ tonight. A=by B=with C=within / 5 The results will be announced ___ the hour. A=with B=by C=within / 6 I don't have time now. I'll do it ___. A=anytime B=when C=later / 7 I will meet you ____. A=after two days B=the day after tomorrow C=in two days from now / 8 Jack will bring presents and treats ____. A=when he will come B=when he comes C=when he come / 9 No one knows what __ will bring. A=tomorrow B=the next day C=A and B / 10 The meeting is scheduled for ____. A=one week later after Thursday B=Thursday one week later C=a week on Thursday