ESERCIZIO NUM: 2199 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > preposizioni for-since - DIFFICOLTA': ****

FOR oppure SINCE? scegli la preposizione corretta per completare le seguenti frasi(05):

21 He turned up at 3:00 and he's been waiting __ then. A=since B=for / 22 __ Josh was promoted, he's been working extra hard. A=Since B=For / 23 Have you made any progress __ the last meeting? A=since B=for / 24 He stopped breathing __ 12 minutes; it's a miracle he survived. A=for B=since / 25 We haven't had any classes __ the last six weeks. A=since B=for / 26 Which is NOT correct? A=since last week B=for a week C=since two weeks ago / 27 Which is NOT correct? A=since many months B=for many months C=since July / 28 We most often match FOR and SINCE with…? A=Modal verbs B=Future forms C=Present Perfect Continuous tense / 29 _____ since July. A=Sherry has been prepare B=Sherry has preparing C=Sherry has been preparing / 30 _____ for a few days. A=I stay here B=I have been stay C=I have been staying here