ESERCIZIO NUM: 2194 - CATEGORIA: verbi > conditional - DIFFICOLTA': *****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

FIRST CONDITIONAL, scegli la risposta giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase(02):

1 If she __ me to help her, I will. A=ask B=will ask C=asks / 2 If I have time, I ___ a walk in the park. A=take B=will take C=takes / 3 If Johnson wins the election, he ____ taxes. A=lowers B=lower C=will lower / 4 Tanya and Beth will put on weight if they __ eating like that. A=keeps B=will keep C=keep / 5 George will have to study harder if he ___ to pass the exams. A=will expect B=expects C=expect / 6 If we don't land soon, I ___ my connection. A=miss B=will miss C=misses / 7 If the market goes up, I ___ my stocks for a profit. A=sell B=will sell C=sells / 8 ___ you see me if you visit my town? A=Do B=Will C=Would / 9 If this rain keeps up, ___ be flooding. A=it will B=will C=there will / 10 I will take the job if no one else __ it. A=want B=will want C=wants