ESERCIZIO NUM: 2191 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': *****

Espressioni di opinioni personali, scegli quella giusta, fra le tre suggerite(01):

1 I __ that Hollywood movies are boring. A=see B=think about C=think / 2 I __ that income taxes should be lowered. A=strive B=feel C=have / 3 I ___ that the current crime rate is terrible. A=hope B=believe C=wish / 4 ___, classical musicians are more talented than rappers. A=In my opinion B=In my thinking C=In my mind / 5 ___, that kind of music just doesn't turn me on. A=Mostly to me B=Personally C=Radically / 6 ____, Turkish is quite an easy language. A=Asking me B=According me C=If you ask me / 7 ____, chocolate is very unhealthy. A=Accordingly George B=According George C=According to George / 8 ___, I would suggest you find ways to lower your blood pressure. A=Doctorally B=According doctor C=As a doctor / 9 My ___ is to stay home and get plenty of rest. A=advice B=advise C=advised / 10 I would ___ you not to mention her to your wife. A=advised B=advise C=advice