ESERCIZIO NUM: 219 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > congiunzioni - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Usa una delle congiunzioni FOR, AND, NOR, BUT, OR, YET, SO per unire ogni coppia di frasi attualmente separate da un punto(01):

1. People love to cook. They don’t like to do the dishes after. / 2. My mom loves flowers. We are going to get her some for her birthday. / 3. My friend, Jim is great to be with. He is fun and kind. / 4. We made a giant cake. It was delicious. / 5. Either we can go to the park. We can visit the ice cream shop. / 6. Scott dances at a studio. He does a fantastic job at his competitions. / 7. My family wanted to buy a new car. We got a new dog instead. / 8. I want to be a doctor. I don’t want to go to college.