ESERCIZIO NUM: 2167 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

CAUSE ed EFFETTI, scegli l'avverbio giusto, fra i tre suggeriti, per completare ogni frase:

1 The rope broke ___ the weight on it was too heavy. A=because B=so C=because why / 2 Sally broke up with Emmet ___ she just couldn't stand him any more. A=because B=so C=because why / 3 We were trapped inside ___ the rain A=because of B=because C=A and B / 4 The pizza tasted marvellous ____ the fresh ingredients. A=because of B=because C=A and B / 5 The pizza tasted marvellous ___ I had added fresh ingredients. A=because of B=because C=A and B / 6 Which is correct? A=She was late because of the traffic. B=Because of the traffic, she was late. C=A and B / 7 The immense pressure in her job is ___ the lack of cooperation from her coworkers. A=due to B=dued to C=due / 8 ___ the upturn in the economy, more people have jobs. A=Owing to B=Owe to C=Owed to / 9 ___ the hefty price tag, we decided to delay the purchase. A=Due to B=Because C=A and B / 10 ___ the way things turned out, you could call it a happy ending. A=Because of B=Due to C=A and B