ESERCIZIO NUM: 2160 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > apostrofo - DIFFICOLTA': *****

Forma CONTRATTA, rispondi alle domande scegliendo fra le tre proposte:

1 Which form is used mainly in spoken English? A=Bill's B=let's C=isn't / 2 Which form is only appropriate for spoken English? A=can't B=shouldn't C=wanna / 3 Which sentence is not appropriate for written English? A=I coulda been a contender. B=I could've been a contender. C=I could have been a contender. / 4 Which sentence contains a contracted form of 'it is'? A=It's raining in Scotland, but sunny in France. B=The cat licked its bum. C=It's been a long time, my friend. / 5 The contracted form of 'because' is ___. A=beco' B='cause C=bec' / 6 The contracted form of 'he is' is ____. A=he's B=his C=A or B / 7 Which sentence is NOT correct? A=All've our friends were late. B=You shouldn't have. C=I'm going to be sick. / 8 Which sentence is NOT correct? A=It must've been some party! B=It's another victory for the Yankees! C=You should of seen the look on Jack's face. / 9 Which sentence is NOT correct? A=The campers weren't ready for what awaited them. B=A company is only as good as it's employees. C=She's been through this several times with you. / 10 Who's the boss here? A=She's. B=She is. C=A or B