ESERCIZIO NUM: 2156 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > congiunzioni - DIFFICOLTA': ****

CONGIUNZIONI, scegli quella giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase(02):

13 __ you have a ticket, you're not allowed in. A=Whereas B=Unless C=In case / 14 __ the bad weather, we had a lovely picnic. A=In spite of B=Despite C=A or B / 15 __ your dog behaves himself, he's allowed in the house. A=Whereas B=As long as C=As / 16 We could order a delivery tonight __ you feel like it. A=as B=wherever C=if / 17 George may be late. __, we'll start without him. A=In case B=If so C=Despite / 18 __ you are this Christmas, please think of me. A=Whoever B=Whenever C=Wherever / 19 I began to feel seasick __ the storm gained momentum. A=if B=even though C=as / 20 You can't go on the rollercoaster __ you are above a certain height. A=unless B=if C=even if / 21 We've got some time to kill __ the movie starts. A=as B=while C=until / 22 Tom loves coffee; __ Tammy loves tea. A=in case B=when C=whereas / 23 While __ on the beach, Tom got quite a deep tan. A=sat B=sits C=sitting / 24 __ you see Bill at the meeting, remind him about the money he owes me. A=Should B=If C=A or B / 25 You can publish my comments __ you don't mention my name. A=whenever B=as long as C=in case