ESERCIZIO NUM: 2152 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > comparativi aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

COMPARATIVI, scegli la risposta giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase(02):

1 London ____ Paris. A=bigger then B=is bigger then C=is bigger than / 2 I think these apples ____ those oranges. A=are more fresher than B=are fresher than C=fresh than / 3 Looking at the two cars, I would say the ___ one is more troublesome. A=more old B=older C=more older / 4 Looking at the two cars, I would say the older one is ____. A=more the troublesome B=troubler C=more troublesome / 5 John's Porsche is ___ than my car. A=speeder B=faster C=quickier / 6 You can run ___ if you have more energy. A=farther B=more far C=farer / 7 I think Shrek is __ funnier than Shrek 2. A=most B=much C=more / 8 I am certainly ___ at my new job. A=happer B=happyer C=happier / 9 The Rock may be tough, but I'm ___. A=toughest B=tougher C=tough / 10 Let's go to Burger Shack. It's ___ than MacRonalds. A=close B=closer C=closier