ESERCIZIO NUM: 2140 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

NOME, AGGETTIVO o VERBO? scegli la risposta giusta per completare ogni frase(02):

13 I __ a waiter, but now I work in a bank A=used to B=used to be C=use to be / 14 Things have become more expensive __ I was young. A=when B=compared to C=since / 15 Things have become more expensive __ when I was young. A=since B=compared to C=compare to / 16 I have __ the settings on the machine A=halted B=altered C=faltered / 17 You need to __ your watch. It's showing the wrong time. A=adjust B=just C=adjoin / 18 There was a mistake in the report, so I __ it. A=improved B=returned C=amended / 19 Wow! Your daughter has really __ since the last time I saw her. A=grown B=grew C=grow / 20 Fortunately, the national deficit has __ A=shrunk B=grown C=sidelined / 21 Frank is eighteen now and he's much more __. A=ancient B=mature C=immature / 22 Wow, Yvonne, you've really __ a lot of weight. A=lost B=loss C=lose / 23 Beth is looking a bit plump. I think she's __ weight. A=gotten B=gained C=grown / 24 Many scientists and environmentalists are worried about __ change. A=heat B=climate C=weather / 25 Laura has __ her hair. It's blue, now! A=died B=tied C=dyed