ESERCIZIO NUM: 2133 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > congiunzioni - DIFFICOLTA': ****

BECAUSE o BECAUSE OF? scegli la risposta giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase(02):

13 ___ health issues, Joe couldn't be a pilot. A=Because B=Because of / 14 Joe couldn't be a pilot ___ he had some health issues. A=because B=because of / 15 We decided against holding the event this year ___ the poor turnout at last year's / event. A=because of B=because / 16 ___ the poor turnout at last year's event, we decided against holding it again this year. A=Because of B=Because / 17 We'd better get going ___ the show will be starting soon. A=because of B=because / 18 Most people like the car ___ its stylish design. A=because B=because of / 19 ___ his father's influence, he found it easy to get a good job. A=Because B=Because of / 20 Why didn't I buy the collector's edition? ___ the price. A=Because of B=Because / 21 ___ my brother was listening, I had to be careful about what I said. A=Because of B=Because / 22 I had to be careful about what I said ___ my brother. A=because B=because of / 23 My husband loves this dish ___ the cheesy taste. A=because of B=because / 24 ___ the appearance of the star, a large turnout is expected. A=Due to B=Due / 25 The shop will be closed tomorrow ___ the Labor Day holiday. A=due to B=due