ESERCIZIO NUM: 2131 - CATEGORIA: verbi > to-be participio gerundio - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Verbo TO BE, scegli la forma giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase:

1 I think I am going to __ sick A=be B=being C=been / 2 She has __ around for a long time. A=be B=been C=being / 3 __ in love is never easy. A=Be B=Been C=Being / 4 Be all that you can __. A=been B=be C=being / 5 We always use the 'be' verb ____. A=in future forms B=in the past tense C=with the passive voice / 6 Which sentence is passive? A=She has been bitten by a wolf. B=She has been here before. C=She has been ill. / 7 Which sentence is passive? A=Mark is being interrogated. B=Mark is being sick. C=Mark is being naughty. / 8 __ there, done that. A=Being B=Be C=Been / 9 Which sentence is correct? A=I was angry with him. B=I was asked him a question C=I was wish he was not here. / 10 Which sentence is correct? A=We will be go in just a minute. B=We should be go in just a minute. C=Jack will be here in just a minute.