ESERCIZIO NUM: 2130 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa le frasi utilizzando nel modo corretto l'espressione USED TO(02):

1 If I am used to hot weather, that means I ____. A=love hot weather B=once lived in a hot country C=am comfortable and familiar with hot weather / 2 If I am used to spicy food, that means ___. A=I eat it every day. B=spicy food is no problem for me. C=I ate it a lot in the past, but not now. / 3 I am used to ___ spicy dishes. A=eating B=eat C=ate / 4 Jack is used to ___ a motorbike. A=riding B=ride C=ridden / 5 George is used to ___ a high salary. A=gotten B=getting C=get / 6 Sam ___ living alone. A=is used to B=used to C=will used to / 7 After you spend a year in the outback, you ____ nature in all its glory. A=used to B=will be used to C=are used to / 8 When I was a kid, I _____ getting bullied. A=am used to B=used to C=was used to / 9 She is quite rude, but I ____ her by now. A=was used to B=will be used to C=am used to / 10 What is the correct structure? A=be used to verb(ing) B=be used to noun C=A and B