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DOMANDE di chiarimento, scegli la risposta giusta, fra le tre suggerite, per completare ogni frase(02):

1 It's very loud here. Can you speak __? A=up B=in C=out / 2 I don't really ___ what you mean. A=take B=get C=make / 3 Ah, now I __ what you mean. A=watch B=look C=see / 4 I didn't understand everything, but I got the __. A=history B=gist C=objective / 5 Let's go __ the main points again. A=in B=over C=out / 6 I need some ___ on a couple of issues here. A=clarity B=clarification C=clearness / 7 Can you email me some more ___? A=detail B=entrails C=details / 8 I think that I ___ you the first time. A=misunderstood B=not understood C=nonunderstood / 9 Which sentence is correct? A=Why you say is that the package is late? B=So what you're saying the package is late? C=So what you're saying is that the package is late? / 10 Which sentence is correct? A=Please more explanation to me. B=Give explanation to me on this topic, thank you. C=Could you explain that again?