ESERCIZIO NUM: 2113 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi - DIFFICOLTA': *****

FRASI AVVERBIALI, scegli la risposta giusta, fra le tre suggerite, ad ogni domanda:

1 __ the time, he eats out. A=None B=During C=Much of / 2 ____, he kept the money he found. A=Surprise B=Not surprisingly C=Not surprise / 3 As often __, you'll find him on the Internet. A=as spring B=as not C=as that / 4 She grows her own veggies as much ___. A=as likely B=as possible C=as not / 5 As long as___, you can stay out late. A=you are B=you can eighteen C=you are over eighteen / 6 ___, she shops every day. A=During the sales season B=When the sales season C=Often the sales season / 7 George quit ____. A=to giving notice B=without as much C=without giving notice / 8 Tony can eat four chili dogs _____. A=in less than that B=in less than time C=in less than five minutes / 9 George looked good ____. A=during the show B=when the time C=when the show / 10 She performed ___. A=enough well B=well enough C=A and B