ESERCIZIO NUM: 21 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > aggettivi comparativi many-much - DIFFICOLTA': ***

MORE o MANY? scegli la forma adeguata per completare le frasi:

1. There were ____ questions on the quiz. 2. The quiz takes _____ time to complete when you are careful. 3. Louis sold _____ lemonade than Jessy. 4. __ students were confused by the science problem. 5. There were _____ players at the football practice. 6. _____ effort went into this book project. 7. The train had so ____ cars, we did not know which one was ours. 8. You will need to clear _____ space if you want to fit this new bed in your room. 9. I need _____ light to see what I am doing. 10. It takes _____ tries before you can get it right. 11. Do you want some _____ money? 12. There were ____ people in line ahead of us.