ESERCIZIO NUM: 2078 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

SO oppure SUCH? scegli l'avverbio giusto per completare le seguenti frasi(01):

1. They had ___ a bad night that they couldn't sleep. a. so b. such / 2. She gave him ___ good advice that he was very grateful to her. a. so b. such / 3. I'm having ___ a wonderful time in Belem that I don't want to go home. a. so b. such / 4. The day was ___ hot that everybody went to the beach. a. so b. such / 5. It was ___ cold weather that nobody could go outside. a. so b. such / 6. There are ___ good jobs in Fortaleza that people are looking for jobs in other states. a. so many b. so few c. so little d. so much e. such / 7. The hotel has ___ comfortable room that I don't want to go out. a. so much b. so a c. such a d. such / 8. It was ___ dark that I couldn't see his face. a. so b. such c. such a d. so a / 9. That restaurant has ___ delicious food that you can't stop eating. a. so b.such / 10. They were ___ talented singers that the concert was a hit. a. so b. so few c. so little d. such e. such a