ESERCIZIO NUM: 2052 - CATEGORIA: verbi > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Leggi le frasi con il verbo TO TAKE e scegli la miglior soluzione, fra quelle proposte, per completarle correttamente:

1. Don't forget to take ___ notes of everything he says at the conference. a. down b. over c. on / 2. Little children like to take their toys ___. a. away b. out c. apart / 3. The shop owner decided to take US$5.00 ___ the price. a. out b. off c. away / 4. John did not accept the job, for he did not want to take ___ all those responsibilities. a. on b. out c. for / 5. How can I take all these stains ___ from my tablecloth? a. apart b. away c. out / 6. I know you are tired and disappointed, but don't take it ___ on me. a. off b. out c. after / 7. Have the children taken ___ their new teacher? a. up b. to c. over / 8. You should take your brother ___ on his offer to help you do it. a. up b. in c. at / 9. The plane will take ___ in ten minutes. a. out b. in c. off / 10. These big books shouldn't be taken ___ from the library. a. after b. in c. away / 11. Take ___ account everything he's done for us. a. into b. for c. after / 12. Don't let yourself be taken ___ by anyone. a. into b. in c. on