ESERCIZIO NUM: 2049 - CATEGORIA: verbi > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Leggi le frasi con il verbo TO MAKE e scegli la miglior soluzione, fra quelle proposte, per completarle correttamente:

1. The room was big, so they made it ___ a conference room. a. into b. of c. on / 2. The police don't know who made ___ with the money of that big company. a. for b. out c. off / 3. I have already made ___ my mind about it. a. over b. into c. up / 4. Nothing will make ___ for their inefficiency. a. in b. out c. up / 5. Before going to the supermarket, make ___ a list of items you want to buy. a. into b. out c. for / 6. How is he making ___ with his new girlfriend? a. out b. off c. away / 7. Don't trust him. He always makes ___ stories. a. up b. out c. after / 8. The thief ran but the police made ___ him and caught him. a. up b. off c. after / 9. Only good employer-employee relationships can make ___ good production. a. at b. for c. after / 10. I can hardly make ___ the letters on that sign. They are too small. a. in b. off c. out