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Leggi le frasi e scegli la miglior soluzione, fra quelle proposte, per completarle correttamente(02):

1. He ___ asleep during the long lecture. a. fall b. fell c. felt d. feel / 2. I can't ___ out what has happened to him. a. fill b. fall c. figure d. think / 3. The boys ___ fire to a big haystack. a. settled b. set c. placed d. caught. / 4. Must I ___ back the book, or is it a gift I may keep? a. turn b. hold c. return d. give / 5. I used to ___ on to my Mom's dress when we crossed the street. a. hang b. hand c. pull d. push / 6. The Great Wall of China was not thick enough to ___ back the invading hordes. a. hold b. play c. give d. go / 7. ___ in mind that you are working to improve your ability, not to earn money. a. Think b. Be c. Put d. Keep / 8. He ___ after his father in that he has blue eyes. a. looks b. takes c. goes d. gets / 9. I don't know what ___ about her tears. a. caused b. thought c. brought d. said / 10. Why do I always have to ___ over backwards to please him? a. turn b. move c. bend d. go