ESERCIZIO NUM: 2003 - CATEGORIA: verbi > be-going-to - DIFFICOLTA': *****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

GOING TO, rispondi alle varie domande sull'uso di questa forma verbale scegliendo una fra le tre risposte offerte:

1 Joey is going to __ in a new play. A=do B=be C=being / 2 What is the 'slang' way of saying 'going to' A=gonna to B=wanna C=gonna / 3 Which is correct in casually spoken English? A=Someone gonna to get hurt real bad. B=Someone has gonna get hurt real bad. C=Someone's gonna get hurt real bad. / 4 Watch out! __ fall! A=You'll B=You're going to C=A or B / 5 Which sentence is NOT correct? A=We're going to have a great time at the beach. B=Arthur is going to go hitch-hiking. C=She going to feed her pets after dinner. / 6 Which sentence is NOT correct? A=George and Arthur is going to start up a new business together. B=I'm going to sell my car and get a new one. C=Fred is going to lie down for a while. / 7 Which sentence is NOT correct? A=The council is going to erect a monument. B=Put those heavy bags down! I'm going to carry them for you. C=I'm going to get married in June. / 8 Which is correct? A=It looks like it will snow. B=It looks like it is going to snow. C=A or B / 9 Which is NOT correct? A=Everyone says that the concert is going to be great. B=I'm going to have another drink if you'll have one too. C=We're going to visit Pauline after lunch. / 10 Which is correct? A=I'm going to have an extension built on my house. B=I'm planning to have an extension built on my house. C=A or B