ESERCIZIO NUM: 20 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > aggettivi comparativi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

GOOD o BETTER? scegli la forma adeguata per completare le frasi:

1. The apple pie is so __good__. 2. The cake is ____ than the pudding. 3. With all this rain, it is a ____thing you came in when you did. 4. Your shoes are still ______, you do not need new ones. 5. The red marker is _____ than the blue one. 6. There are ______ ways to solve the problem than the one he picked. 7. Randy told a _____ story than you. 8. Lori is _____ at playing the piano. 9. This seems like a _____ idea. 10. This song is ___ than the one you played earlier. 11. There is no ______ sitter than Abigail. 12. You picked a ____ strategy to win the game.