ESERCIZIO NUM: 1996 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': *****

Prova a fare un pò di ANALISI del PERIODO in inglese con questo esercizio sulla proposizione principale.

1 An independent clause must have ___. A=a subject B=a verb C=a subject and a verb / 2 Which of the following is an independent clause? A=The man with the plan. B=Bob cried. C=Running away with the prize. / 3 An independent clause ____. A=always stands alone B=can be linked to a dependent clause C=is always joined to another clause. / 4 Which is an independent clause? A=When the time comes. B=Because of the rain. C=No man is an island. / 5 Which sentence contains an independent clause and a dependent clause? A=Generally speaking, no man likes a sore loser. B=And it was all down to Bob's hard work. C=When the time comes, we move. / 6 When I saw what my wife had cooked, I screamed. A=The first clause is dependent. B=Both parts of the sentence are independent. C=The first clause is independent. / 7 You bring it to me, I'll fix it. A=The comma should be taken out. B=A conjunction should be used. C=The sentence is incomplete. / 8 __ he was in Rome, his wife was up to no good. A=When or While B=While C=When / 9 A dependent clause may be linked to an independent clause by ___. A=a full stop B=a comma C=a conjunction / 10 The crowd cheered as the team arrived. A=The first clause is independent. B=The first clause is dependent. C=The clauses should be reversed