ESERCIZIO NUM: 1989 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Scegli il PRONOME corretto fra i tre proposti per completare le seguenti frasi:

1 Joe likes Jazz, but I don't like __. A=they B=them C=it / 2 Joe likes waffles, but I don't like __. A=them B=they C=it / 3 She gave me her lipstick, but I never used _. A=it B=they C=them / 4 She sent me letters, but I never received __. A=they B=it C=them / 5 I bought a pen, but _ didn't work. A=them B=it C=they / 6 I bought some flowers because I thought __ would look pretty in my room. A=them B=they C=it / 7 The information is all in the folder if you need __. A=it B=they C=them / 8 Check out these bars of soap. Don't __ smell wonderful? A=they B=it C=them / 9 I can't move all this furniture by myself. __ is too heavy. A=it B=they C=them / 10 The neighbors make a lot of noise when __ hold a party. A=them B=they C=it