ESERCIZIO NUM: 1977 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': *****

LIKES-DISLIKES scegli la forma giusta fra le tre proposte per completare le seguenti frasi(01).

1 George likes chocolate. In fact, he __ it. A=loves B=passions C=feels / 2 George doesn't like peanuts. He ___them. A=dislikes B=unlikes C=nonlikes / 3 George likes fishing. He ___ it. A=relaxes B=enjoys C=soothes / 4 George hates losers. He ___ them. A=haters B=lithes C=loathes / 5 George likes Chinese food.He is ___ of it. A=fond B=found C=frond / 6 George likes watching baseball. He is ___ on it. A=keen B=cuckoo C=gainly / 7 Which sentence is correct? A=Mary really likes George. B=Mary very likes George. C=Mary much likes George. / 8 Which sentence is correct? A=Mary very much likes shopping. B=Mary very likes shopping. C=Mary likes shopping very much. / 9 Which sentence is correct? A=Mary very hates eating fruit. B=Mary much hates eating fruit. C=Mary really hates eating fruit. / 10 Which sentence is correct? A=Mary is fond of jazz. B=Mary is fond for jazz. C=Mary is fond with jazz.